Monday, August 6, 2012

Ice Cream Party - 3 Scoops of Sweetness!

July has always been a favorite month in our household. Not only is it my birthday, but it's also National Ice Cream month. When my daughter was born the day after my birthday three years ago, I knew I wanted to have an ice cream themed party for her. 

Since her name means "one whose light cannot be hidden," I opted for a Sunshine theme for her first birthday. Then for her second, of course, I had to do something with tutus! It was only fitting that for her third, we celebrated three years of sweetness with three scoops of ice cream!

I designed the invitations inspired by Zia's personality and my love of subway art prints. I wanted them to be fun and free, just like her! I attached and hand stamped wooden spoon with some baker's twine to each invite to give it a unique touch. 
As an event stylist, details are my thing! I must admit, though, the morning of her event I woke up at 7am, the time she was born, and burst into tears. My husband went out to run some errands and the kids were asleep. That alone time got me thinking about how much I love that girl and how much our lives have changed for the better because of her. For each member of our family, the world is a brighter place because of her. If you follow my posts on Facebook you read my nostalgic messages. This party is all about the up-close and personal elements. 

When guests entered the pool area, they were greeted by a tassel garland from The Flair Exchange and a wave of satin ribbons in pinks and greens waving in the wind. Although I created these myself, you can buy them made at A to Zebra Celebrations on etsy. Just below the ribbon garland was a small table with ice cream cone bubbles and a note that read, 
"Welcome to my party, I'm happy that you're here. Grab yourself some bubbles and fill my day with cheer. but if you run out, don't pout! No need for frustration. Just bring them back to the refill station."

There's just something about kids and bubbles, we will never understand. They LOVE them! The Bubble Refill Station, set up like and ice cream stand with sprinkles-filled "bubbles"and stocked with solution, extra bubble wands, and sun screen, was the perfect way to keep the kids happy and engaged throughout the day. 

At the pool, families were wowed by a sea of over 20 pink and green floating rings covering the surface of the pool. The kids wasted no time jumping in the water and relaxing in their floaties. 
My husband and father in law brought the grill on site and cooked some healthy turkey hot dogs for us. We garnished those with home made chili, relish, peppers, and tomato toppings served in mason jars. To accompany the dogs, we had sweet potato fries and fresh fruit skewers. For dessert we enjoyed the ice cream bar complete with all of Zia's favorite toppings. 

Guests could read the whole menu on a custom board made by our friend, Kelsi Candelaria, inspired by a print from Moulage Collection on etsy.

Of course there were touches of tulle throughout the whole affair. These triple scoop tulle cones decorated the main food area. The favor display was also decorated with a tulle garland. For favors, kids took home sundae cups, with personalized wood spoons.

Of course, the best part of the day was watching the birthday girl dance ballet as we all sang the "Happy Birthday" song for her! She's such a hoot! We ADORE her!

 Thank you for reading about our event!
Check out more party pics at Catch my Party!

Special thanks to our team:
Birthday Girl's Shirt - Claudia of Tini Posh 
Polka Dot Table Runners - Nancy of A to Zebra Celebrations
Tassel garland - Carmen of The Flair Exchange
Styling, Printables and tulle poms - Debra Walters of TiTi's TuTu's
Balloons, photos, rentals and set-up assistance - Andrea from the little shop

My husband - though he's not a vendor - had his hand in everything!
Friends and family (Cristina, Sara, Ariel, Papi, Amarilis) for their hours of cutting and crafting with me.



  1. Debra,

    You did an awesome job styling this party... Zia is such a beautiful girl and it's been fun watching her grow. I can tell you put a lot of love in each and every detail of this party and most importantly I know your baby girl and guest had an amazing time.

    Keep up the good work and I wish many more blessings, fun memories, and birthdays to the Zamot family.

    xoxo, Latisha

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Tish and for joining me on my journey! Our girls are growing way too fast! *tear
      xo Debra

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Nikki! Glad you stopped by my blog. xo Debra

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE every detail! You did an amazing job Debra!! Zia is gorgeous and is very blessed to have such a loving mama like you!

    1. Thanks, Love! Your shirt was the perfect way to accessorize the little charmer. You rock!

  4. Awwww Little Zia is so blessed! You did a fabulous job. I LOVE it!!! smooches

    1. Thanks, Talia! You know how it is with our little Princesses. Love you, Friend!

  5. OH MY GOSH, this is so beyond cute! LOVE LOVE LOVE

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words and for visiting my blog!

  6. Oh, this is absolutely darling, Debra! You did such an amazing job! So, so cute! I want to jump in the pool and eat all the ice cream now! Fab! ♥