Monday, October 31, 2011

{Mommy Monday} Props to the Tots

Normally, I like to post about music on Mondays, but today I want to take a minute to honor my children.

My 3-year-old stud who loves to read more than he likes to play. The child who prefers salad over pizza, baked potatoes over French fries, and rice and beans to chicken nuggets. My boy who is tall enough to wear a size 6, reads chapter books like a 6 year old, who loves to sing and dance, but from whom you'd be lucky to get a "hello."

My 2-year-old little fashionista, who is as happy as she is gorgeous and as thankful as she is happy. My well-mannered doll who says "thank you" at least 50 times a day, from the minute we get her out of her crib, "thank you for picking me up," to the minute we bathe her and get her ready for bed "thank you for my bath." The girl who loves food, nail polish, shoes, and babies.

They find a way to have fun everywhere…

The sliding door and the automatic number dispenser at the post office.

The Sharpie display with blank notepads at the copy store.

Grabbing any toy within their reach at the craft store.

Convincing Mommy to buy candy at the party store.

My husband and I taught them early on to "do everything without complaining or arguing" and to "let everything you do, be done with love." Even at their young ages, their little hearts have grasped those words and put them into action.

They're independent, flexible, and incredibly forgiving. If they were any different, I would not be able to do what I do. Period.

I love them for so many reasons!! They inspire me, celebrate me, encourage me, and keep me grounded.

So, for all the grueling hours of shopping, the many days they've traded playdates for errands, the times they've had be quiet while mommy was on the phone or at a meeting, for letting me fold laundry during a game, for helping with chores, and for confidently reassuring me that I'm a great mom; I love my babies!

If you have amazing children who support you in your work, you are incredibly blessed!!! I'd love to hear about them! Feel free to leave a shout out to your kids in the comments.

Thanks for reading,



  1. So sweet Debra! I also have two amazing kiddies, not as well behaved as yours I must admit, but I love them and thank god for them everyday!

    Happy halloween,

  2. Claudia,
    Don't get me wrong...they still whine, cry, and fight like normal children. LOL!! On more than one occasion, I've had to abort mission and just wait until Daddy got off work to run my errands. But they give up so much being the children of mompreneurs. I know your kids (remembering the vlog streaker...) make it all possible and worth it.