Monday, April 25, 2011

{TuTu Tuesday} Aqua and Orange Easter

I hate to admit it, but it's been a while since I've made my little princess a TuTu of her own.

On the eve of Easter, I decided it was time to play dress up with my favorite doll. I made her a TuTu in aqua, turquoise, orange and white with a matching decOrate headband. Both the TuTu and headband were accented with orange zebra print ribbon.

Here she is, patiently waiting for me to finish snapping pictures so she could go on her hunt.

I personally don't think it gets much cuter than a poofy TuTu waddling around looking for eggs. I wanted to eat her up!
Visit for more pictures.

{Music Monday} Take It All

Happy Monday, Everyone!

Today's song is super catchy. If you listen, you will be singing this song all day, I promise.
Since yesterday's Easter service, the kids and I have been jamming to this song non-stop. Our youth band sang it live and, I have to say, they're more than just pretty good. I'm so proud of them!!! I'll share the link to our service as soon as it's on.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{TuTu Tuesday} First timer

I know what you're thinking. "Is she seriously coming up with cheesy blog post names for every day of the week?"

Well, yes.

And if you know me, this will not surprise you.
A day where I look back at some of my favorite pieces or showcase a new product I'm working on.

For today, my very first tutu. Well, not the 'very' first one. (That one was made out of the tulle someone wrapped a shower gift with.) This is the first one I had my little girl wear in public.

Here she is modeling one of my creations for the very first time at Pizza Pie Co. in Alachua, FL. (best Pizza and brownies ever!) The owner gifted me a onesie when I was pregnant so I could bring the baby wearing it when we came back.

I've come a long way, but I'm still so proud of this little tutu. My baby girl was so comfortable in it and she had no shortage of compliments.

Oh my, How we've both grown since this photo!


Monday, April 18, 2011

{Music Monday} In Christ Alone

Just in time for Easter, today's song is one we've been singing at my place for weeks as my team is singing it at church on Sunday.

Even my little Zia can sing a little jibberish to the tune. Joakim has been heard at stores singing at the top of his lungs while I shop. And you know what? I love it! I love to hear these words coming out of their lips.

I hope you find your way to a church this Sunday. If you don't have a church of your own, feel free to borrow mine ( and watch us sing this song live Sunday morning at 10:00 am.

Friday, April 15, 2011

{Feature-a-Friend Friday} CouponGurl

It's been a few weeks since I sat down to post on a Friday (been outdoors enjoying this amazing weather with the family...)

Today, I'm featuring my friend Dina who is a contributor for the site

I've known Dina and her gorgeous family personally for a little over 5 years and I just love how loving and down to earth they are! I recently stumbled upon an email from 2009 when my 1 year old son was battling asthma where Dina wrote to tell me she was praying for him. It meant so much to me, especially since my son was completely HEALED! I'm blessed to have friends like Dina.

You'll love getting to know her too!

Together with site founder Julie, Dina posts about great deals and coupons for the average family trying to be savvy about their money in these financially difficult times.
Their {inspiration}
Julie started posting about a year and a half ago after witnessing a lady at publix spend $40 for over $250 worth of groceries. "After a little research we found you can save on just about everything. So the site was started to share the deals we found with our friends and family."

The two looove sharing the coupon/great deal finds. "We get too excited about a deal and feel the need to share it. It fulfills our need of helping others even though it's through cyber space."

Their site offers a wide variety of savings and deals from grocery coupons, target deals, various online stores and printable store coupons. Look for
Coupongurl on Facebook or visit their site at


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{Thank You Thursday}

Last week, I started a new series inspired by Jimmy Fallon, called
Here are my "Thank You" notes for this week. All of these come from factual events I lived this week. Enjoy!

Thank you... Neighbors' stout Nanny-Man with a white beard, for taking it in stride when my 3 year old called you "Santa. Santa-Man. Santi Santi."

Thank you... Michael, whom I haven't seen in a long time prior to running into you at Publix this week, for keeping it cool when my son interrupted us midway through our conversation to ask me what your name was and I had no idea.

Thank you... Publix staff and patrons for not kicking us out of the store even after 20 minutes of non-stop top-of-their-lungs chanting "YUM-MEE!!" "YUM-MEE!!" At least they weren't crying.

Thank you... Bribes, for working.

Thank you... Natural consequences, for working even more efficiently than bribes.

Thank you... GAP Kids clerk, for once again smiling and graciously taking back the unpaid item I discovered at the bottom of the stroller and had to bring back.

Thank you... Cake Boss episode on NETFLIX, for featuring a baby delivery on the show and giving hubby the baby bug.

Thank you... Toddlers and Tiaras episode on NETFLIX, for curing me of ever thinking I was a shallow mom.

Here's to another fun-filled week!



Monday, April 11, 2011

{Music Monday} My Girl - NOTA

Today's selection is one of my favorite summertime songs.

Of course, after having my babygirl, the song took on a whole new meaning! Because my daughter's name means "one whose light can never be hidden," and we're a musical family, we chose this song as the inspiration for the theme of her first birthday.

While the original Temptations' song was pretty much perfect, I personally love Michael Jackson's mix a little better. This one is from the Puerto Rican group NOTA, who won the first season of the show Sing Off. It's different, and I'm digging it!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Before I had children, I struggled to stay awake long enough to watch Leno's opening stand-up on the Tonight Show. I would sit up in bed with my pjs on (hubby snoring beside me), praying I'd make it past the first set of commercials to catch the "Headlines" segment.

Roll film!!!!!!

Two kids later, both of us are lucky if we make it in bed before Leno is over.
The bad thing is I live on sleep withdrawal.
The good thing is I've discovered Jimmy Fallon - the new perfect ending to this busy mom's day. I love to end the day on a good laugh.

Amongst my new favorite segments (it's really hard to pick just one), is when Jimmy writes "Thank You" notes at the end of the week.

I've decided to do my own version of "Thank You" notes with a mommy twist in a new bloggy segment I'm calling:

Here is my first set. All of these coincide with real events that happened this week. Hopefully someone can relate.

THANK YOU... Layout designers of children's stores, for designing aisles 0.25 inches narrower than the average stroller making sure my kids can successfully pull handfuls of merchandise off the racks without having to stretch their backs as I shove my way through the obstacle course.

THANK YOU... Green thumbed neighbor, for placing a dazzling and brightly colored pinwheel smack dab in the middle of your beautiful landscape, then expecting children not to be attracted to your yard.

THANK YOU... Mulch, for looking so much like chocolate. You get my little guy every time.

THANK YOU... Baby girl, for spilling your juice on big brother's pants at the mall driving him near hysteria begging me to take off his pants. You cured me of being self conscious about my bad hair day, un-waxed upper lip, dry skin, and frumpy clothes because next to a boy walking around in his underwear, who cares how I look?

THANK YOU... Magazine editor, childhood friend, former co-workers, and former students, for deciding to all be at the mall on the same day and at the same time; right after the boy decided to lose the pants.

THANK YOU... Farts, for turning pouts into giggles like nothing else can.

Come back next Thursday for another set of {Thank You Thursday} - Mommy edition.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 4, 2011

{Music Monday} The Real Me

I've decided to begin participating in Music Mondays. Music is a huge part of my life so, why not?

Friday night, I finally bought some bubble bath, poured a glass of sparkling champagne, created a "relaxation" song list and headed to the tub.

My song list included numbers by Rascal Flatts, Michael Buble, of course, and a few others.

Today's song was one that touched my heart Friday night. Written and performed by Natalie Grant, this is the song that helped me relax the most because I could totally relate. If you've ever found yourself feeling the pressure of perfection, or feeling like you must have your act together, then you'll relate to this song too.


Happy Monday!

Friday, April 1, 2011

{NEW to TiTi's TuTu's}

I'm beyond excited to introduce this new original collection to you. I feel so lucky to be the creator of something unique, unlike anything on the market. Thank you for taking time to look through my photos and leave a comment. I love feedback!

decÓrate is about having fun with fashion

about standing out,

about letting girls be girls.

No matter the age, us girls love to decorate ourselves. Whether it's make-up, nail polish, hair accessories, or jewelry, getting pampered is always a treat.

The pieces present a spunky edge while adding a touch of femininity to your look.

I strived to include something for everybody in the collection, from bold large pieces to small subtle ones; I hope you find something you like.

Please visit the decÓrate album on Facebook for more photos.

The headbands will be on sale at my new etsy store and at The Little Shop. Email me for custom orders.

Thank YOU!!!

Photos by: Patricia Bishop Photography

Hair by: Sarah Conoly for Turning Heads Salon

Headbands by: TiTI's TuTu's

Dresses and Embroidered Tops by: