Monday, January 23, 2012

{Music Monday} TRUTH

Hello my dear friends! I'm super excited about today's song, not only because it may absolutely unexpected of me (I enjoy shaking up expectations), but also because it is the perfect song to share on the eve of posting about my son's hip-hop themed b-day bash.

My boy may only be 4 years old, but he loves to dance hip hop. Since his Daddy is part of a dance team, my son has been studying him since he was a baby. He watches the videos of his Daddy over and over until he memorizes the moves.

Our daily routine, without fail, involves him putting a song on the ipod and dancing his own choreograph to it. Whether it's while he waits for me to cook his lunch, or putting on a show for me (albeit to stall his nap time) dancing is a part of every day.

Today's song is one to which my son danced last week at a private show for me in our living room with his own original choreographed moves. I enjoyed his talent thoroughly, but I was amazed at the depth of the lyrics.

Here's today's Music Monday pick: "TRUTH" by Lecrae

Have a Happy Week!!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{TuTu Tuesday} Made to be Loved

As Valentine's Day approaches we get to read about different people's views on love and relationships. Last night, while reading Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life, I ran across this quote:

Pretty cool, huh!

The very reason we exist is to be loved! I got a lot out of that statement and I want to share two things:
  • First, if GOD himself thinks it's satisfying to love others, I have determined to make it my goal as well.
  • Second, if I was made to be loved, I need to accept and embrace love in order to feel fulfilled.

When I look at this picture of my little girl, I'm reminded that love begins at home. Although my family showers me with affection and appreciation, I find myself being often stressing out about my shortcomings. I get so distracted by the giant list of things I want to do or I have not done, that I end up taking on undue pressure.

I hope you will join me this year in the resolve to embrace love as more than a term to describe romantic attraction, but to see it for what it is: the reason of our existence.

This beautiful tutu I designed makes me think of the different types of loving relationships. The darker layers represent romantic love (marriage), the brighter shades represent fun love (friends), and the light shades stand for pure love (babies).

You'll see all three shades throughout my Valentine's collection on etsy.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

{TuTu Tuesday} New Year, New Adventures!

Happy New Year, My Dear Friends!!

My family is super excited about this new year and all the new things happening in our lives. I'm a huge believer in resolutions, although admittedly the word itself has some negative connotations.

The idea of giving ourselves a starting point for all those goals we know we need to accomplish is what I love about this time of year. So every year, we write out a personal plan and a family plan.

We haven't always stuck to our plans, but we've improved the quality of our lives on some level each year because of those plans.

This year, even the children have a plan! My little guy intends to get more exercise through biking. My little gal has resolved to join a ballet class. And, of course, the first thing to do in preparation for a ballet class is to shop, right? So, mommy went crazy buying ballet themed tops and jewelry for her over the Christmas break.

Here is my aspiring little dancer practicing some original poses.

I'm looking forward to seeing how we all improve our lives this year and I'm looking forward to doing it with style!

Thanks for reading,