Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Costume TuTus

I was going to wait until October 1st to share these with you but, I can't help myself. We're close enough. To see the full set of pictures visit my Costume TuTus Photo Album on Facebook.

This enchanting TuTu is one of the pieces from my "Pretty.BIG.Dreams." collection. There is so much you can do with these tutus besides dance and play dress-up! How cute would this creation be as a costume?

"I want to be enchanting"
My inspiration for this TuTu, besides the fabulous color combination being a staple this Fall, is the effect young girls have on their surroundings. Little girls have a magical way of bringing light into any room. Their smiles are contagious and their spirit like a ray of sunshine.
I love that about little girls!
My prayer is that even as women, we never lose that sparkle of joy that distinguishes us.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beware of Rotten Milk!

A month ago, we took our first family vacation to Disney World. When we arrived at the hotel, I gathered the kids and headed upstairs while my husband parked the car and brought up the luggage.

I had a horrible migraine, so I went straight to bed and left my husband to man the fort. He took care of dinner, showers, and bedtime on his own.

The next morning, I went to fix breakfast and realized my daughter's milk cup was left in the car overnight. To give my deserving husband a little break, I took the kids down to the car to retrieve the cup.

When I got to the car, my daughter saw me grab her cup and began to ask for it. I told her she couldn't have it because it was dirty and I had to wash it first. But at 12 months old all she saw was a familiar cup, which normally has something yummy in it, within her reach.

Being the milk-lover that she is, she started to pout. Her pout soon became full out wailing when she realized I wasn't budging.

The moment became a lesson for me. I thought, how often do I do this very thing to God? I get angry at Him for withholding things from me. I throw a fit and pout because, from where I stand, it seems as if he is keeping something good from me when in fact He is just trying to protect me.

There is a Higher Power who sees a picture much bigger than what we see. He knows details that we don't know or we cant't understand. As His children, let's learn to trust Him.

Friday, September 24, 2010

{Press} Martha Stewart Dreamers into Doers Feature

So, I just got home from a full day of Playdates and Mommy dates to find an email from the Martha Stewart's Dreamers into Doers site informing me that I have been featured on the site.

#1 As a member:

I can't believe my eyes!!! Thrilled doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. I am so honored and humbled to be mentioned among some of the most talented women in the country.

Here is another photo {because without seeing it for myself I would not have believed it either...}

#2 A featured photo:

#3 On the homepage:

I couldn't get a full screen shot, but you can see my little model with the layered tutu on the left hand column. Whoa!!!!

To think I was coming home excited to talk about the wife of University Florida Football's Head Coach, Shelley Meyer, teaching my daughter about sparkly jewelry at the mall today as the highlight of my day. Ha!

Keep Dreaming y'all!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Specials

****Fall Sale****
Here is the first of the specials for this season:
Free shipping with your order of 2 or more TuTus.
Must be shipped to same address.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thankful for the Simple Things

"Thank You!"
Those two little words are so sweet to my ears.

My son recently began to thank me for everything I do. I barely finish handing him his cup when the words "thank you, Mommy" come out of his mouth. I have to admit, I become a total sucker after that. It makes me want to give him anything he wants!

There is something about using good manners, being polite, and showing gratitude that makes me eager to give him more.

Of course, I immediately think my relationship with my Father. How often do I say "Thank You" for the simple things in life. It's so important to stop and thank God for our blessings.

This week, let's stir the heart of our Father by making it a point to express gratitude over our blessings.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Pretty.Big.Dreams. - Part 2

Last week I introduced the first two pieces of my new line {Pretty. Big. Dreams.} Today, as we get ready for the start of football season, I'm excited to share another creation:

The Cheerleader
Your little cheerleader is sure to make people cheer in this Poofy TuTu made with over 50 yards of soft tulle and wrapped with satin ribbon. Choose your favorite team's colors to create a look you can be a fan of.
The cheerleader was inspired by little girls who know how to use their words to build up and encourage; girls who inspire others to be their best. In a culture that constantly bombards girls with the message that "it's all about me," as parents and teachers we must teach our girls to look outside of themselves.

The cheerleader is that girl who rejoices over the success of others, even it she's not directly benefited. The cheerleader brightens your day as she speaks words sprinkled with joy and kindness.

Over the past year of starting my business, I've met a few Cheerleaders. I treasure their company and thank God for their presence in my life.

Happy Football season to you! GO TEAM!!!