Friday, September 3, 2010

Pretty.Big.Dreams. - Part 2

Last week I introduced the first two pieces of my new line {Pretty. Big. Dreams.} Today, as we get ready for the start of football season, I'm excited to share another creation:

The Cheerleader
Your little cheerleader is sure to make people cheer in this Poofy TuTu made with over 50 yards of soft tulle and wrapped with satin ribbon. Choose your favorite team's colors to create a look you can be a fan of.
The cheerleader was inspired by little girls who know how to use their words to build up and encourage; girls who inspire others to be their best. In a culture that constantly bombards girls with the message that "it's all about me," as parents and teachers we must teach our girls to look outside of themselves.

The cheerleader is that girl who rejoices over the success of others, even it she's not directly benefited. The cheerleader brightens your day as she speaks words sprinkled with joy and kindness.

Over the past year of starting my business, I've met a few Cheerleaders. I treasure their company and thank God for their presence in my life.

Happy Football season to you! GO TEAM!!!

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