Monday, December 19, 2011

{TuTu Tuesday} Good Things in Small Packages

I know it's cheesy and cliche, but oh so true: the best gifts are those you can feel. Today's feature is one of my most cherished little gifts ever! I had to have this shirt I saw at babyGAP and, of course, had to pair it up with a classic tutu in red and white candy cane stripes.

I may not have been able to design a new collection this Christmas (big bummer!), but I got to spend a little extra time enjoying my little guy and girl. The things they say and do keep me laughing all day long. We've made memories we'll cherish for a long time.

So here's to good gifts in small packages, and to even more packages in 2012...Cheers!

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Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

{Press} Pocketbook Magazine

A few months back, I was delightfully surprised to find an email from the editor of a new local magazine geared toward professional women. I'd received the first copy earlier that month and had enjoyed the quality of the content. She was writing to let me know they wanted to feature my story in their next issue!
It was a true a pleasure to work with the staff at Pocketbook Magazine. They did a beautiful job telling my story and laying out photos from my site.
I have to admit I get giddy every time someone tells me they read the story because my main purpose, I believe, beyond making pretty things is to inspire others. So, thank you Pocketbook Magazine for giving me a platform to share my story and reach others.

To all Pocketbook readers: Welcome! Thank you for choosing to support me by joining me on this journey.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

{Teacher Moment} Advent Picture-Calendar

It's no secret that I love to celebrate, well, EVERYTHING! I'm so grateful for the gift of life, that I find myself constantly looking for an excuse to get together and celebrate.

On Sunday, my Pastor spoke about being thankful and celebrating life (click here to watch). This morning, the title of my son's daily devotional was "It's a Great Day to Celebrate Life!" I've been so pumped about this season, and I hope you are too. Even if your life's circumstances aren't ideal at the moment, choose to concentrate on something positive, your joy won't be far behind.

Today, I want to share my family's version of the Advent Calendar. Near the end of last year's Christmas season, I stumbled upon the idea of writing activities in the calendar rather than just filling it up with candy. Duh! Genius!

So, this year, when it came time to prepare my calendar, I knew what I wanted to do. First, I downloaded my free printable number cards from Lauren McKinsey. Then, I went on, a local website which lists activities and events in my city. Later, I browsed my beloved Pinterest for more ideas.

(Between me and you...I still plan on making the pins cute with some scrapbooking paper and gluing the numbers to the envelopes. It's next on the list, promise!)

Finally, I created a schedule for our family which included a little bit of everything. It is very important to my husband and I to give our children ample exposure to a wide range of activities - AND to not break the bank.

So here's what our weeks look like until Christmas:
Sunday - Go look at Christmas lights
Monday - Snuggle on the couch as a family for Christmas movie night
Tuesday - Find a candy treat and read a Christmas book together
Wednesday - Prepare an edible craft as a family
Thursday - Prepare a non-edible craft as a family
Friday - Attend a Christmas Concert (local middle schools have free ones!)
Saturday - Some type of outing

Since my children are too small to read, I opted for printing out photos of these activities and sticking them inside 4x6 white envelopes with Lauren McKinsey's label on top. Each day, when Daddy gets home from work (the suspense throughout the day is a killer!), we open an envelope and find out what our activity is for that evening.

So far, it's been a hit! So, we're almost half way there, but you know what, if you have toddlers and start today - THEY WON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE!! Creating memories for 16 days is still awesome! Who cares if you didn't start December 1st?

If you're feeling motivated, check out my Pinterest board titled Family Holidays for some of the photos I used. Just print, cut and you're set to go!

Now go and make some memories!!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{Real Birthday} TuTus, Ties, and Teddy Bears

For months now, I've been sitting on my daughter's 2nd Birthday photos. First, I was waiting on the photos, then, I was trying to submit it to other blogs, and then, I simply felt like the moment had passed and I should write it off altogether.

The party was inside my home, which has awful lighting, so it's hard to see the details. My sweet photography student friend worked so hard on them, but the lighting was just too dark. Still, I put a lot of heart into the party and I personally think it came out adorable. Besides, we had a ton of fun!

I decided I don't want it to continue collecting dust. So, I'm keeping it real and publishing it as is.

Hopefully someone likes it!

The deets -

Theme: Tutus, Ties, and Teddy Bears
It was a no brainer than when my daughter, the inspiration behind TiTi's TuTu's, turned two, she would have a tutu party. Ever since she was old enough to walk and talk she would slap her thighs and babble "tu-tu." She loves them! The tie idea came from trying to figure out what her brother would wear. She adores teddy bears, so I had to incorporate those in there.

The food was simple. I decided to keep the alliteration with the "t" and create a "Tapas Bar" with bite size teddy bear pb&js, teddy bear fruit skewers, pizza bites, garlic knots, and meatballs.

As the little guests arrived, they were greeted by either a tutu or a tie at their seat. After getting dressed, they colored teddy bear pictures from a "Build-a-Bear" coloring book using bear shaped crayons. Then, we split the kids into two groups. The boys made bear masks in my son's room while the girls played "Dress-a-Bear" in my daughter's room. Each girl got a teddy bear to dress up in a mini-tutu, shirt, party hat, and other accessories. For the last activity, my adoring husband, who is the BEST party host, read Eric Carle's "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?" and led the kids in a dance.

Teddy Graham Bar with 4 different flavor bears to mix.

Special Touches:
My favorite of all was the bear garland with photos of my little girl from birth to 24 months. I also had the pleasure of having family come over to help with the party. My son ripped the coloring pages out of the book for the kids to color. It was his "Big Brother" job and he took it very seriously. I loved seeing the ripped up edges on the paper, and you'd better believe I did not "fix" them.
My grandmother, who is nearly 90 years old, also helped stick the kids' names on the favor bags. They were absolutely not perfect- and I loved them! Every time I see a crooked little tag on a bag, I remember her shaky hand trying to affix the paper to the bag. THAT is priceless!!!

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Styling and Design - Debra Walters
Design Consulting - Talia Rogers of Luxe Events
Printables - Frog Prince Paperie (Etsy)
Teddy Bear Cake Pops - Sweet Culture
Tutus and Poms - TiTi's TuTu's (Etsy)
Rentals - The Little Shop
Photography - Layna Jenee

More photos on Catch My Party.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

{TuTu Tuesday} Real TiTi's Tutu

A friend called me up recently because she wanted to order a tutu for her newborn niece. I must admit I was a extra excited to create something from one "Titi" to another. I remember when my niece was born and how it changed my heart.

BUT, I also remember when I taught this little Princess' Daddy in Sunday School when he was 3 years old. So, creating this tutu was a little bittersweet. I loved creating something for a family I've loved for years, but I also felt a little dated. Haha!

Here's gorgeous little D styling her TiTi's TuTu and decOrate band.
I just LOVE customer submitted photos. They're so real! I appreciate how these photos show that you don't need a fancy camera, countless props, and perfect lighting to make my product look good. Just put a real baby with a gorgeous smile in them and we got ourselves great photos!
Isn't she a doll! Congratulations, Family!!!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{TuTu Tuesday} Marathon TuTu

My friend and college roomie, Wilna, contacted me a few weeks ago with a very special request: She wanted me to make her a custom tutu for her to wear to her very first marathon through the 5 boroughs of New York City.

In Wilna's words, "I just need a cute, feminine touch to symbolize how much my confidence has grown since I started running." I jumped at the opportunity to participate in something so meaningful.

Here is Wilna wearing her TiTi's TuTu's on the big day.

Still Smiling on Mile 22

I'm so proud of my girl, Wilna! Thank you for allowing me to be part of this unforgettable experience.

Wilna ran with Team for Kids, a non-profit organization that takes running programs into NYC schools and uses the sport as a tool for character building and leadership development. If you're inspired by her story, please take a minute to check out their site and consider making a donation.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

{TuTu Tuesday} New Wands by TiTi's TuTu's

Happy Tuesday!

I'm writing a quick post because, as you may have noticed, life has been pretty busy over here.

The good news is that I'm loving every minute of it and I actually find myself indulging in more "me" time and family time. For that, there's no need to apologize.

It may not be a tutu, but it is one of my latest creations. Say "hello" to the new wands by TiTi's TuTu's.
Soon I'll post more photos of my new collection of truly unique wands.

The one photographed above was shipped, so I had to use a shorter stem. The ones that will be available exclusively at The Little Shop located in the Tioga Town Center will boast an extra long stem for a grand impression.

Please continue to check our Facebook page to participate in our Thanksgiving Status Posts.

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Monday, October 31, 2011

{Mommy Monday} Props to the Tots

Normally, I like to post about music on Mondays, but today I want to take a minute to honor my children.

My 3-year-old stud who loves to read more than he likes to play. The child who prefers salad over pizza, baked potatoes over French fries, and rice and beans to chicken nuggets. My boy who is tall enough to wear a size 6, reads chapter books like a 6 year old, who loves to sing and dance, but from whom you'd be lucky to get a "hello."

My 2-year-old little fashionista, who is as happy as she is gorgeous and as thankful as she is happy. My well-mannered doll who says "thank you" at least 50 times a day, from the minute we get her out of her crib, "thank you for picking me up," to the minute we bathe her and get her ready for bed "thank you for my bath." The girl who loves food, nail polish, shoes, and babies.

They find a way to have fun everywhere…

The sliding door and the automatic number dispenser at the post office.

The Sharpie display with blank notepads at the copy store.

Grabbing any toy within their reach at the craft store.

Convincing Mommy to buy candy at the party store.

My husband and I taught them early on to "do everything without complaining or arguing" and to "let everything you do, be done with love." Even at their young ages, their little hearts have grasped those words and put them into action.

They're independent, flexible, and incredibly forgiving. If they were any different, I would not be able to do what I do. Period.

I love them for so many reasons!! They inspire me, celebrate me, encourage me, and keep me grounded.

So, for all the grueling hours of shopping, the many days they've traded playdates for errands, the times they've had be quiet while mommy was on the phone or at a meeting, for letting me fold laundry during a game, for helping with chores, and for confidently reassuring me that I'm a great mom; I love my babies!

If you have amazing children who support you in your work, you are incredibly blessed!!! I'd love to hear about them! Feel free to leave a shout out to your kids in the comments.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{TuTu Tuesday} Pumpkin Pretty

Who's excited about Fall? ME!!!!!!!

I just love the crisp cool air and the beautiful color palette God shows off throughout nature. When I drive home, I get to enjoy a stunning color show as the main street of my neighborhood is lined with trees on either side of the road. What a view! It convinces me that creativity is divine.

In the Fall, look forward to the endless list of pumpkin patches and corn mazes to visit with the family. Of course, there's also Thanksgiving - a wonderful time to gather together with family and friends to emphasize gratitude and eat yummy food.

If last Tuesday's TuTu didn't put you in the Fall mood, I hope today's will.

A bold blend of pumpkin orange, bright orange, and chocolate brown takes me right to a field of pumpkins and hay bales. The mini pom garland could be a perfect and unique accent to your fall decor.

Now go out and enjoy your Fall weather!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{TuTu Tuesday} My First VLOG!!!!

Today's VLOG is titled "How to Fluff a TuTu"

This video is the first in a series I'm creating to help my customers get the most out of their TuTus and Party Poms. I have to admit this was a completely uncomfortable experience, but I can see myself getting used to it.

In the next few videos I plan to share how to steam a tutu, how to steam party poms, how to care for your tutu, how to style a tutu, styling suggestions for party poms, in addition to other topics as the need arises.

I hope these videos are much more helpful than simple written instructions.


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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

{TuTu Tuesday} Shades of Fall TuTu

I was so thrilled to receive a tutu request from my fabulous friend Tracy from Tracy Henley Photography. My TuTus in front of her lens are always a winning combination, not to mention her adorable subjects.

Here is one of my favorite shots of her recent trip apple picking up north. Keep an eye out for an album on Facebook with more shots from this session.

This tutu boasts 8 layers and almost 100 yards, of soft tulle in elegant apple red, maize, pumpkin orange, and brown, with a little touch of eggplant. These warm Fall tones are perfect for photo shoots and outdoor events.

Thank you Tracy for sharing your stunning work with us!

Thanks for reading.


Monday, September 5, 2011

New Opportunities

First of all, has it seriously been almost a month since my last post?!?! I'm so sorry about that and even more thankful that you're still hanging around here. You are the truly the best! I feel honored to have your loyal support.

Over the past month, I've had the blessing to work with some of the most talented ladies in the event planning business including Sandra Downie Events, Frog Prince Paperie, and Southern Belle's Charm.

I can't wait to see how my friends styled my products with their heavenly charm. All of these ladies have impeccable taste with perfect attention to detail.

On a completely personal note, separate from TiTi's TuTu's, God has finally opened a door I'd been dying to bust down on my own! That door leads directly into the event planning world.

I have accepted a position as Party Stylist for a charming local boutique. The Little Shop, located in Tioga Town Center, is now my new playground.

A the Shop, I get to be part of an amazing team of talented party planners and designers working together to make dreams come true. It's an opportunity for me to execute my gifts while continuing to stay home with my babies. The best of both worlds!

Check out their new photo album on Facebook called Boutique Parties to see some of my team's most recent work. We will be updating constantly, please make sure you 'like' the page so you don't miss out on anything.

The Little Shop sells unique gifts and toys, high-end designer clothes, and consignment. It also boasts a large indoor play area complete with a tree house, slide, dress up area, and imaginative play area. The Creation Station is an arts and crafts room where children can paint right on the walls among other crafts available!

Check out their website for more information and details on memberships.

This new chapter in my life is one I couldn't have even imagined for myself. Blessings have been falling on my lap straight from heaven. I get to work with other positive and loving people who truly value my ideas while doing what I love to do (with my kids in tow).

I'm glad I waited for the right opportunity and I look forward to the future.

Sadly, this new opportunity means I have to cut back on my time as TiTi's TuTu's so I can continue to devote adequate time to my family but, I'll continue to do all I can to meet my clients' requests and keep life balanced.

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Color Combination Album on Facebook

If you hadn't heard...I'm one of the swag bag sponsors of the California Children's Party Network Girls Night Out coming up this week. What an honor to be able to place my art in the hands of so many amazingly talented women! I know great things will come out of this and I can't wait!

There's a new album on facebook which includes some of the color combinations possible with my Pimp Poms line. Be sure to check it out here.

And here are some toppers, at a glance.

Remember you can customize your order with any combination of colors you want. These are available in 4" cupcake toppers, 8" party picks, cake buntings, small garlands, medium garlands, and individual large poms. Visit my etsy shop to place your order or email me at

What's YOUR all-time favorite color combination?

Thanks for reading,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Makeover Update

I've got to do a better job keeping up with this blog! Thanks to all of you who still read it even as random as my posting is.

First things first...Let the record show that I'm dying to share my baby girl's birthday photos with you. I know that's what you want to see. But, I'm not quite ready so, in the meantime, let's humor ourselves with my own birthday pictures.

Two weeks ago I turned the big 3-0! To celebrate, I chopped off my hair, got new highlights, pierced my ears with my babygirl, and ate until the elastic on my empire waist dress had no more give. It was a GOOD week!

Here are a few photos to share the moments with you.
My Baby Girl and I right after getting our ears pierced. She was such a trooper!
Gotta love family! Here is mine, dancing the Just Dance version of the Birthday song on the Wii the morning after my birthday. That's how it's done in 2011, baby!
Here I am with my new "Mature Girl" look about to blow out the candle and have my Birthday Shot at Girl's Night out.

My birthday was spectacular, thanks to my adoring Hubby who planned more than I could've ever dreamed of: massage, pedicure, make-up, manicure, out of town dinner-date, family breakfast, and girls night out! He went totally overboard. Thank you, Honey!!!!

On another note, there are so many exciting things in store for the fall I can hardly wait!! I'll share those next week... Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Thanks for reading.


Monday, August 1, 2011

{Music Monday} Joivan Jimenez

Music Monday is extra special for me when I get to feature a personal friend. A few weeks back I introduced you to the amazing Kelsi Maria, which I'm confident you're following and enjoying as much as I am. She's an incredibly talented young lady from whom you will be hearing more and more, for sure.

Today, I get to feature another great friend, Joivan Jimenez. Joivan's music is in Spanish, but I hear there is an English album in the works.

The last 10 years I've known Joivan he has been a man with a mission and a passion. He loves God, Loves people and Loves music. He gets to spend his days in a house full of gorgeous women, all featured in this video.

Joivan's style is very unique. His contemporary songs have a positive message sprinkled with a fun little latin spice. Joivan has been working tirelessly the past few years bringing a positive message to people in different countries through concerts and mission trips.

I hope you enjoy his songs and make sure you follow him on Facebook and Youtube.