Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Before I had children, I struggled to stay awake long enough to watch Leno's opening stand-up on the Tonight Show. I would sit up in bed with my pjs on (hubby snoring beside me), praying I'd make it past the first set of commercials to catch the "Headlines" segment.

Roll film!!!!!!

Two kids later, both of us are lucky if we make it in bed before Leno is over.
The bad thing is I live on sleep withdrawal.
The good thing is I've discovered Jimmy Fallon - the new perfect ending to this busy mom's day. I love to end the day on a good laugh.

Amongst my new favorite segments (it's really hard to pick just one), is when Jimmy writes "Thank You" notes at the end of the week.

I've decided to do my own version of "Thank You" notes with a mommy twist in a new bloggy segment I'm calling:

Here is my first set. All of these coincide with real events that happened this week. Hopefully someone can relate.

THANK YOU... Layout designers of children's stores, for designing aisles 0.25 inches narrower than the average stroller making sure my kids can successfully pull handfuls of merchandise off the racks without having to stretch their backs as I shove my way through the obstacle course.

THANK YOU... Green thumbed neighbor, for placing a dazzling and brightly colored pinwheel smack dab in the middle of your beautiful landscape, then expecting children not to be attracted to your yard.

THANK YOU... Mulch, for looking so much like chocolate. You get my little guy every time.

THANK YOU... Baby girl, for spilling your juice on big brother's pants at the mall driving him near hysteria begging me to take off his pants. You cured me of being self conscious about my bad hair day, un-waxed upper lip, dry skin, and frumpy clothes because next to a boy walking around in his underwear, who cares how I look?

THANK YOU... Magazine editor, childhood friend, former co-workers, and former students, for deciding to all be at the mall on the same day and at the same time; right after the boy decided to lose the pants.

THANK YOU... Farts, for turning pouts into giggles like nothing else can.

Come back next Thursday for another set of {Thank You Thursday} - Mommy edition.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for reading, Stacey. Are you a Fallon fan?