Sunday, May 30, 2010

All new TuTu Dress by TiTi's TuTu's

I love my customers!
They empower me to dream and create beauty beyond my own imagination.
A personal friend of mine told a someone she met while shopping about my site.
The person contact me to describe her dream for her baby girl...
This is the outcome:
Thanks to this amazing customer who challenged me out of my box,
I am proud to present The 4th of July TuTu Dress.
Adorning the heart of my Patriotic Collection, the Tutu Dress is a must for
Photo Shoots, Pageants, or 4th of July Parade Floats.
More styles coming soon. Order yours today!


  1. I LOVE it Debra!! I've never seen anything like it, very cute!!

  2. This is GREAT. You did an amazing job. Thanks SO MUCH!

  3. Beautiful work! Do you have any butterfly inspired tutu's I could offer in butterfly gift shop?

  4. Hi Vickie! I recently started making wands which would be perfect with a butterfly theme. You got me thinking now, I may have something for you soon...