Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Review

I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day yesterday. I had fun spending time with my own mom, my kids and getting spoiled by my husband.

The festivities began on Saturday when we turned a returns trip to Michael's into an impromptu family outing. They were having free Mother's Day crafts. I didn't even know they had classrooms in the back of the store! The kids got to make cards for their Abuelita and me with all kinds of fancy scrapbooking supplies. Then, they got to decorate their very own cookies with a little help from Mami and Daddy. We had so much fun!
After that, we ran a few errands and came back home to spend a lazy afternoon hanging out by the pool. We caught up with all the neighbors we had not seen since last summer and met some new friends too. The night was topped off with take out, CSI and my first Mother's Day Gift: a gift card to get a pedicure at a spa. I'm really excited because previously I've only been to nail places that do pedicures. This should be fancy fun!

On Sunday, the kids woke me up by walking up to my bed with cards in their hands. My son yelled, "Happy Birthday!!!" My daughter gave me the widest, open mouth, grin screaming "AAAHHHH!!!" (translation: hi) as she opened and closed her little fist at me. It was the best start to my day :)

We went to church, got some free pizza, took a long nap, ate dinner at Stonewood with my parents and sister, had my favorite shake at Coldstone and hung out by the fountain to finish our desserts.

The day was simple, just the way I like it! Don't get me wrong- I love big parties and fancy decor, but there is something about the simple things that is unmatched. Mother's Day is one of those times when I just like to reflect on my blessings and enjoy the people in my life.

Yesterday, I got everything I wanted. I hope you did too!

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