Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Choosing a Guest List

Before I had children, I thought the perfect first birthday involved parents, sibling, grandparents and baby. I envisioned an intimate affair of the closest family gathered around our dinning room table.

Roll tape 10 years later and cue the laughter. My children's first birthdays cannot be any further from that vision. Our "Event" (as I've been told I'm no longer allowed to refer to it as merely a party) will feature friends, family flying in from all over and even some of our neighbors gathered, not in my dinning room, but at our community clubhouse (I'm praying we will fit).

I'm beyond excited to have so many people love our little girl enough to want to share this day with us. I would never ever want to exclude anyone who wants to be there.

That is my style as a Latina: the more the merrier. Anyone who wants to come is welcome. We'll sit people in the pool if we need the space and we'll break out the sandwiches if we start running out of food.

As passionate as I feel about my position, I know it doesn't work for everyone.

I've also had wonderful times at intimate parties where the child gets all the attention and doesn't have to fight kids off their presents.

What size is right for you?
It's all a matter of choice.

Ask yourself these questions:
What type of family are we? Quiet and reserved or loud and crazy?
Will my child feel comfortable around a large group of people?
Who are our closest friends?
Am I inviting people out of obligation or because I want them to be there?
Where do I draw the line? Co-workers? Neighbors? Relatives?
How many people can I afford to feed?
Is it more important to me to have a nice meal or to include everyone?

These questions should get you started in the right direction.

Whatever you decide, make sure you are making the choice and not allowing money to make the choice for you.


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