Sunday, January 17, 2010

10 THINGS...

FACT: I love making lists.
I write lists for everything around our house: meals, chores, shopping, outfits, organizing shelves, and the list goes on....

I want to invite you to indulge me in an experiment. Every Monday, we will begin the week with a new list. Before we fill up our week with more serious to-do's, I'd like for us to take a break and come up with a different FUN list for the week.

In honor of Monday being a holiday, here is our list:


1. Stay in bed past 9am
2. Shop
3. Prepare a big breakfast with the family
4. Spend time outdoors
5. Take a spontaneous trip
6. Go to the beach
7. Nap
8. Be lazy with my husband
9. Bring the kids in bed and have a tickle fight
10. Read uninterrupted

I'd love to read yours too! So, go ahead and leave a comment. Whether it's one of your items or your full list, I want to hear from YOU!

Hope you get to do at least one of your favorites today.



    1. Do my hair...
    2. Mani & Pedi with my girl
    3. Fix beds and finish laundry
    4. Visit TJMaxx for new stuff
    5. Have brunch with the kids @Cracker Barrel while missing daddy
    6. Reading time with the kids, everybody with their own...quiet time
    7. Fix dinner with Joe
    8. Watch some cartoons
    9. Playing dress-up with my Nany
    10. Couching, hahaha, fabulous!

  2. 10 Favorite Things To Do On My Day Off....

    1. Have a nice long breakfast together as a family
    2. Stay in my PJ's all day long
    3. Shop!
    4. Have help with chores from hubby (while chores are definitely NOT my favorite thing, having help is) :).
    5. Go to the park
    6. Take a day trip somewhere
    7. Escape and go do something by MYSELF!
    8. All take a nap together
    9. Go out to eat
    10. Spending time all together, no matter what we're doing.

  3. Shannon's Top 10 things to do on my day off....

    1. Sleep in until whatever time I wake up on my own (no alarm clocks)
    2. Snuggle with my husband in bed
    3. Cook my husband his favorite breakfast
    4. Watch all the daytime TV shows that I never get to watch because I'm normally at work
    5. Walk Tyson with my husband, because during the week its either he walks him or I walk him, very rarely do we have time to walk him together
    6. Shop
    7. Have help cleaning the house
    8. Stay in pajamas all day if at all possible
    9. Take a day trip somewhere
    10. Spend as much time as possible with my hubby working on our 2010 Cratch....maybe that should have been number 1 ;)

  4. I don't get a day off! LOL. I do have lazy days so I guess that counts. Great site. Found it through SwagGrabber. Keep it up! Beautiful hand made work! love that!

  5. 1. Turn off the alarm clock the night before & wake up whenever I wake up.
    2. Nap.
    3. Walk outside and breathe fresh air.
    4. Do something crafty: crochet, make matching jewlery for the following work day's outfit...
    5. Listen to a book on CD while doing chores.
    6. Spend time with hubby, in or out. Let hubby wash my hair... (this is probably #1)
    7. Eat breakfast for breakfast, lunch, & dinner.
    8. Play on the computer.
    9. Watch re-runs of shows that I have missed.
    10.Get in the car & just drive, stopping to shop at Michael's, Kirkland's, & Hobby Lobby...