Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spread the Sparkle

I am proud to announce my new program:
For every TuTu ordered, a large percentage of the profit will go towards a charity fund that will be used to provide TuTus to girls in need. Each month a new charity will be chosen by me and awarded one or more free TuTus.

Last weekend, I had the honor of spending the day with one of my favorite girls: My 7-year-old niece, whom I call My Princess. I asked her if she would be so kind as to model my latest creation for me and was taken aback by the events that followed. Her smile stretched from ear to ear! She stood up straight and tall, tried on the skirt, and ran to the nearest mirror giggling the whole way. Her eyes sparkled. The way she lit up, left a lasting impression one me.
I get goosebumps just recalling the moment.

Little girls love glamour just as much as us 'big girls' do. Nail polish. Hair bows. Shimmer. It's all in there.

Immediately, I wondered how much JOY could I bring to a little girl suffering from an illness or living in financial need. I want to help little girls, in any way I can, to feel pretty even just for a moment.

Here is how YOU can participate in spreading the sparkle:
  • Purchase a TuTu. Fun for playing dress-up, or to use as photo props, or to give as unique gifts, or even to hang up for decor. Each sale increases the opportunities to give back.
  • Nominate your favorite charity or deserving little girl. Whether it is a single girl at a hospital or a whole preschool class, I want to hear about them! Send me an email at or leave a comment at the end of this post.
  • Check back each month to read all about the experience. Find out who was selected and read their inspiring story. See pictures of the special moment.

Thank you for your support!

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  1. Debra this is awesome*** Sé que muchas niñas serán bendecidas...sabes que quiero uno para abril!!!