Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spotlight on Accessories

I am crazy about these little shoes for baby girls. They would make the perfect accessory to one of my handmade TuTu's.
Check them out!


  1. hey debra, i just discovered your blog:) LOVED the post on forgiveness. how long have you been in the tutu business? do you have an etsy shop? sorry for all the questions, but i'm here if you need questions answered about the creative business world:)

  2. Thanks, Holly.
    I've been making tutu's for Zia since she was a few weeks old. So, since August. Everywhere I went I got compliments on them and often people asked me if I sold them. I thought and prayed about it and started to make a few for friends. Then, in January, I decided to 'go public.'
    I do not have an etsy shop for now. I looked into it, but I want to be personally involved with the client throughout the whole process. I'm working on a few other items to sell, perhaps once I grow I will put everything on etsy. I 'm looking at setting a table at the Haile Farmer's Market periodically. Right now, I have my hands full with my two little ones and my freelance writing job. The tutus are more my fun outlet.

    I love checking out your art. I'll be putting in an order soon. Definitely for Zia's birthday.

    Take care!