Monday, February 8, 2010

10 Needed Inventions

It's that time again! Monday mornings are list time for me. Before I get going with my serious lists of the week, I take my mind off work and write my own fun list.

In honor of my recent trip out of town, here is a fun list of

...10 inventions I wish existed:
  1. Play yard bunk beds or a play yard that sleeps 2
  2. Inflatable Boppy pillow that fits in your purse
  3. Cell phones that never lose charge
  4. A TV service that allows you to pick and pay for just 10-20 channels or shows that you actually watch
  5. Self-changing diapers
  6. Warning labels on children "WARNING: This child is only going to nap 30 minutes today"
  7. Built-in microwave in the car
  8. Built-in coffee maker in the car
  9. Chocolate flavored vegetables
  10. Self-packing suitcases; you just throw all your stuff into them and open it to find your things neatly organized. Ahhhhh!
I just LOVE starting my week with wishful thinking.

Have a great week, Everyone!

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