Thursday, February 25, 2010

Planning Schedule

A few weeks ago, I wrote about planning and organizing schedules. A few of you asked for more information, but I have not been able to upload my excel sheets to Blogger.

So, here is a snapshot of what I do each month:

Begining-of-the-month Planning
  • Meals Assign yourself meals for the month according to your family's schedule. In my house, we eat left overs on my busiest nights: Tuesdays and Fridays. Mondays I use the crock pot, Thursdays I cook from scratch. Wednesday is breakfast for dinner night! Sometimes we bake an frozen pizza or eat chicken nugget salad. The weekends are always different. Try your best to eat dinner together.
  • Social Calendar It is so important to be proactive about keeping up with your loved ones. Each month, set time aside to spend with your friends. From going out for coffee to hosting dinner, time spend with your friends and family is time well spent. Pencil in time for hobbies and parties, but leave yourself room for spontaneous invitations.
  • Education Choose a few experiences to share with your children each month. Whether you work or stay home, it is your responsibility to educate your children. Set goals for your family's academic and spiritual education each month and plan activities that help you reach those goals.
Beggining-of-the-week Planning
  • Chores Pick a day for each chore and stick to it. Don't wait until your laundry is overflowing to do it, schedule yourself to do it on Wednesday.
  • Shopping trips Avoid going to the grocery store every day. You will end up saving money if you plan out your trips. Since you've already planned your meals, you just need to purchase the perishable items to accompany the meals of the week. Clip and gather all coupons for items you need.
  • Look over monthly planner to see what is coming up during the week. Prepare yourself mentally for what is coming up. Do you have a birthday or a dinner scheduled this week? Plan your week accordingly.
Night-before Planning
  • Outfits Choose what everyone is going to wear. Set the outfits aside, including accessories. Plan a few days in advance for special events to be sure you have all you need clean and ready. If you take a bag or backpack with you, prepare as much of it as possible the night before.
  • Make a list of errands and chores you want to complete the next day. I keep a list pad on my bedside table. In the morning, I just rip the list off the pad and take it with me, adding things I've forgotten and crossing things out as they get done.
  • Do a run through of your day in your head. Sort of like a dress rehearsal. What am I doing first thing in the morning? and then?....
Keep a running shopping list where you add items as they run out. My Running List is posted by the garage door so I can see it every time I leave the house. Also, keep thinking ahead. During my down time (mainly while driving) I plan for future events such as birthday parties, vacations, anniversaries, etc.. It's amazing how you can plan an entire party in one simple trip to Grandma's.

I hope these lists help you get a little more organized. Forgive yourself if you have slip ups here and there. The goal is to live better tomorrow than you did today. So take it one step at a time - but keep walking!



  1. You signed it *TuTuLu* So is that the name you picked for the Mannequin? Maybe I'm late on this one...? :) Thanks so much for writing out your schedule. I have to hurry up and get ready for work so I only read the first part. Looking forward to reading the whole thing later this evening! Love your blogs! xoxo

  2. Just read the whole thing. Very good! I am def. going to use many of these tips! Thank you for sharing with us! :)