Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stop and smell the...bubbles!

Every morning, before brushing our teeth, my son and I practice hand-washing. Since we ran out of our regular soap, I pulled out a bottle of my Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Peppermint Gel. Not only does this soap smell divine, it also lathers up and makes the best bubbles!

This morning, I squirted a dab of the gel on his hands and instructed him to start scrubbing. I started singing the ABC song, like I always do, when suddenly he stopped. Admittedly, I was a little irritated. I thought to myself, "we've done this dozens of times before, why is he giving me a hard time today?" I just wanted to get our hands washed and our teeth brushed so we could go eat breakfast and get on with our day.

In my funnest 'morning mom' voice, I tried to gently encourage him, "Sweetie, c'mon, Scrub, scrub, scrub!" But he was paralyzed. I followed his eyes and noticed that my son was staring in amazement at the growing cloud of bubbles on the sink. When I stopped rushing and joined him, I was pretty impressed myself.

I'm always teaching my son to stay on task and focus, but today, this lesson was for me. How often do I miss the little things in life because I am so focused on making progress and moving on the the next thing?

Today, make it a point to allow yourself to become distracted by the simple things: a bird, a cloud, the moon - there is so much beauty all around us! Indulge in it!


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