Friday, April 30, 2010

GTGlamour Update: GA Pre-K

I'm excited that the kids are napping long enough for me to sneak this post in today. I've been dying to share this story with you but I've been really busy off line and had not had a chance to update you guys on my first Giveaway of the year.
In March, I gave away the first Gladness Through Glamour Tutu to a preschool teacher in rural Georgia, who also happens to be my Big Sister. Working in a lower income area, Ms. Adams mentioned to me that she would love to give the girls an opportunity to feel like royalty. I asked her to come up with a plan and I would gift her a Tutu.

So she created the Princess For A Day program in her class. Teachers, listen up! The idea was to keep the tutu in the class and choose a different girl each day to be the princess. The first day, Ms. Adams discussed Princess-like behavior with the children. Princesses take care of nature, they are kind to others, etc. Then, the whole class worked on Royal Vocabulary Words.

When Ms. Adams got ready to choose the first Princess, she noticed that one of her students, who is usually drawn to mischief, was sitting very quietly hoping to be picked. Ms. Adams gave her a chance and the rest is history...
The little girl had the best day ever!!! She sat quietly in class, she didn't run away as she habitually did, she was a model student! At the end of the day, she didn't want to take the tutu off. Her mom was so happy about the change in behavior brought on by the tutu that she ordered one for herself!

I was thrilled when I heard the report. The truth is that something as simple and outward as a beautiful tutu made with lots of love can begin to make an internal transformation. Congratulations to Ms. Adams and her Preschool class in Atlanta, Georgia.

TiTi's TuTu's is looking for a deserving individual to become the next recipient of Gladness through Glamour. If you know the perfect candidate, email me or comment on this post to submit a name.



  1. I have to add update. The next day, I had my first princess help me crown and dress the next one, and so the precious princesses have continued to be involved. All the girls have been in their best princess behavior, they all want to wear the tutu. I've had two of them take it home and, as reported by mom, even slept with the tutu on. In another classroom, there was a girl (with some issues) had not said a word since the beginning of school. After seeing the tutu, she went to the teacher and whispered in her ear: "I want to be princess." The teacher had tears in her eyes as she told me. Of course, she was Princess for a Day.

    Personally, in addition to how great the program has worked, I've been surprised at how durable the tutu is. It has been to the cafeteria, to the playground, and God knows where when it went to the homes... and it it still beautiful.

    Thank you Titi's Tutu's!

  2. As a preschool teacher both of these stories bring tears to my eyes. I can only imagine the joy the other teacher felt when she heard that little girl's voice for the first time. And to know your tutu brought about such a change should make you feel magnificent!

  3. As a good young man would say: Amazing!!!! :)