Sunday, April 18, 2010

Success follows Excellence

Today, I went to the Spring Arts Festival in the city of Alachua, FL with some friends and family. We had a blast! From delicious "scoop up the melted cheese" pizza and yummy brownie sundae's, to Elephant rides with the kids, it was over-the-top!
Browsing the kiosks, I met this amazing artist: She makes a variety of handmade children's clothes and accessories which she sells from her website. Her work is original and truly beautiful.

Of all the vendors, maddie, colin & riles stood out to me the most because of the quality of her presentation. Her booth was accented with breathtaking photos of her own children modeling her pieces. I admire people who are so passionate about what they do that they pay attention to every detail of their work. The excellence of her work was evident to me just from the way she presented herself.

I am all about passion myself. I believe that if something is worth doing, it deserves my best. maddie, colin & riles is a perfect example of what I mean.

Success doesn't follow lucky people; success chases after excellence.


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