Monday, May 9, 2011

{Music Monday} Just The Way You Are

I hope all of you Moms out there had a relaxing weekend.

Mine started with a 6 hour drive towing 2 kiddos under 3. Thankfully, my awesome Hubby mapped all the outlet shopping centers along the way and scheduled some much needed "mommy stops."

The kids LOVE staying at hotels, so they had a blast from the minute we arrived at our destination. Mother's Day eve was perfect, a day at the most breathtaking park we've ever been to, some alone time at "Hobby Lobby," and an evening dancing away with family at a wedding.

Today's selection is actually a song played at the wedding, which I love. It's the exact way I feel loved by my husband. Plus, it has a catchy little tune. Enjoy the song, and keep reading past the video to find out about my mother's day.

On Mother's Day morning, I shared a quiet breakfast with my favorite girl then was joined by my handsome boys who came in bearing gifts to the SPA!! Later we had a family lunch with the family including my sisters, mom, grandma, and aunts. Treasured memories! My husband thinks our family should have a sitcom...

Another drive back...this time the kiddos chilled for a 4 hour stretch and we ended up only making one stop for gas. UNHEARD OF!!!! I was so proud of them for being such great little travelers.

Before ging to bed, of course, we had to end the day with a tickle fight and giggle attack. Nothing better than hearing the kids laugh.

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