Thursday, May 5, 2011

{Thank You Thursday}

A few weeks ago, I began a segment called Thank You Thursday: Mommy Edition inspired by my favorite segment of the Jimmy Fallon show. Each week, I write a few notes to people, things, or places based on true events that happened to me as a mommy during that week.

Here are this week's notes. Hope you enjoy. Leave a comment if you can relate! If you're a parent, you KNOW I'm not making these up! I'd love to hear from you.
Thank you...Walmart, for carding me when trying to buy spray glitter. It's good to know you're taking measures to ensure people under 18 can't easily access such a dangerous controlled substance.

Thank you...Creepy old high school classmate, for at least being polite enough to ASK if you could hug me while trying to holler at me in front of my two children at Walmart.

Thank you...Fire hydrants, for being a much better place to pee on than my foot. Dogs get it. Now, I just gotta teach my "way-too-eager-to-water-the-plants" three-year-old.

Thank you...Publix Baker, for understanding that my one-year-old is totally NOT hitting on you when she says "Bye. I love you." after you give her a cookie.

Thank you...Baby girl, for after I lay you in your crib saying "Thank You, Mommy. See you later," before rolling over to go to sleep at nap time. Can I clone you?

Thank you...Clouds, for providing hours of free outdoor entertainment.

Thank you...Friend who commented on how happy my children seem; certainly beats the friend who asked if they by any chance suffered from childhood depression.

Thank you...Lawn Maintenance Guys, for being consistent. It doesn't matter what time I put the kids down for a nap, whether I'm running behind schedule or early, you always seem to know just when to come by and provide us with background noise. Who needs a white noise machine?



  1. uh huh. I relate to most of these. I think all three year old's are the same, they just look different!

  2. Your comment made me laugh, Nikki. It's great to know someone else understands. Thank you for reading!